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Collect team feedback (eNPS) and always be on top of any issue without overloading your team with annoying polls and surveys. Even when your team is remote.

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Invite your colleagues

Share a secure link with your co-workers. They'll be prompted to install a browser extension and join your team on Instamood. They'll just input their name; even email is not required.
We ask for bare minimum info so that you can be sure your data is secure!

Your team members submit weekly responses

Our simple extension would ask users once a week to share how they are feeling. Optionally, they might add anonymous or non-anonymous comments. Or submit responses more often, if they'd like.
Instamood is a super simple way to collect employee feedback (eNPS). Forget about annoying complex quarterly surveys.

Monitor, analyze, and proactively resolve any issues

Monitor your team's mood in real-time, and understand how your team is feeling. Identify and proactively resolve any problems that might come up.
Never miss again potential elephant entering your room 🐘.

Retain your people

Be the great leader your team deserves! Listen to their requests, create a productive and happy work environment.
When people feel heard and understood — they stay in your team longer. You can save up to $50k replacement cost per employee (according to EBN data)


Dima Kovalenko
CEO at Uptech

“We got rid of annoying bots and surveys, and now I have a much better, almost real-time visibility of the mood of my remote team. Instamood became an important source of internal team feedback collection for us.”

Andriy Bas
CEO at Plai

“First, I was skeptical, but after rolling out Instamood for my department, I uncovered several potential issues within the first month and prevented burn-out for at least 2 employees. Who knows, otherwise they might even have left. I love this simple but effective tool.”

Roman Furman
CEO at Teamroom

"We used to conduct quarterly eNPS surveys, which was way too rarely to identify any issues. With Instamood, I have a reliable source of data about our remote employees."

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